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FHA Home Loan Reviews : We understand you have a choice when getting a home loan. We believe FHA loan programs will put you in the Best Financial Position with Your Home Mortgage Loan. All of our lenders diligently search all of their loan product databases for the lowest interest rate loan and best mortgage deal for you! Instead of just offering you one loan program they search for the best loan for you. With this premise in mind you can rest assured you are getting the best FHA loan program available in the market.

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redstarredstarredstarredstar 5 Out of 5

Devin Hullester
FHA Home Loan Group found be the best lender. Angelo worked with our very tricky situation (second home and self-employed) and helped me calm my wife down many times (she can be a bit nutty). The staff was there every step of the way for us, and they did it all while we were in another state. Everything they told us was correct to the letter, and our interest rate ended up being slightly lower than he originally quoted. I would highly recommend them anytime!
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starstarstarstar4 Out of 5

Brian & Jasmine Paige, Dallas, Texas

We were working with a mortgage company that was dragging their feet, we almost lost out contract on the home and I called FHA Loans and they put me in touch with a wonderful mortgage company, they contacted the seller and took over, got us closed three weeks and saved the deal and got us into our home.

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starstarstarstarstar5 Out of 5

Beau & Trudy Haywood, Caddo Mills, Oklahoma

We are very thankful and appreciative that Josh with CHI helped us get out home, I don’t think we could be here today with out them.

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starstarstarstarstar5 Out of 5

Carmen Santiago, McAllen, Texas

Very fast and efficient process. Everything was handled online and it made the process simple. I did not have to get a whole bunch of paperwork. The great thing I liked about working with them is that they shared my feelings about getting into the home and had a sense of care and urgency.

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starstarstarstarstar5 Out of 5

Raul & Heather Martinez, Roundrock, Texas

Really liked working with the CHI, they locked me in at lower interest rate, got $0 down. All the other places I talked to could not get it done. I am coming back to them for a land loan next.

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starstarstarstar4 Out of 5

Carolyn & Chad Stutts, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A+ Rating. Under promised and over delivered, closed two weeks ahead of schedule.

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starstarstarstarstar 5 Out of 5

Michael & Sasha Cohen,Austin, Texas

Great process. Saved ten thousand dollars by going with the FHA program.

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starstarstarstarstar 5 Out of 5

Bruce & Janice Kirkendahl,Bixby, Oklahoma

Thank you Angelo with CHI. They got us closed after our local bank said they could not do it. Got a lower rate and payment.

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starstarstarstar 4 Out of 5

Terrance & Claudette Miller,Houston, Texas

Excellent experience, referred my sister.

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starstarstarstarstar 5 Out of 5

Kaleb & Lena Crowley, San Antonio, Texas

FHA home loan group connected us with a great lender, Angelo with CHI. They got us approved and into home, I don’t have the best of credit but they were able to get it done. My loan officer was very good, thank you

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starstarstarstarstar 5 Out of 5

Tyrone & Tamika Jones, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Nice folks to work with, they were very upfront and explained the whole process, glad we got it done with them.

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starstarstarstarstar 5 Out of 5

Julius Fernandez
A co-worker referred Angelo with CHI, To me when I was looking for a house. They prequalified me in no time was very patient with all of my questions and concerns. When I was having issues with my real estate agent and called them on a weekend no less, they soothed me with their calm, caring manner, offered some very helpful suggestions and before long we were sitting together at the closing. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a mortgage lender. They really know their stuff and they CARE!!
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starstarstarstarstar 5 Out of 5

Frank Modesto
I’m looking into a refinance/home equity loan, and I called FHA Home Loan Group and they put me in touch with Angelo with CHI, because of all the good reviews. Despite determining right off the bat that he probably wasn’t the best guy to help me, and giving me a recommendation for someone to talk to, Angelo stayed on the phone with me and patiently explained the ins and outs of Texas loan statutes, what to expect from different institutions, etc. He even called me back when the connection died customer. That earns 5 stars in my book.
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starstarstarstarstar 5 Out of 5

Sidney Jenks
FHA Home Loan Group referred me to Josh with CHI, it was a complete relief when it came to pursuing our first home purchase. In spite of the bevy of issues that arose around our specific experiences, I felt confident that they were committed and did absolutely everything in their power to mitigate exceptions and make our first home purchase fun, smooth, and easy. I would never hesitate to recommend them and am relieved that we actually got into our home and were supported 100% through the entire process. Most significantly though, I feel like if I need to get a hold of them for any reason, even after the actual closing process has commenced, I can call them with any questions, big or small and know I’m being advised accurately.
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starstarstarstarstar 5 Out of 5

Melissa Williams
When my husband and I purchased our first home together FHA Home Loan Group, they referred me to Justin with American Southwest, they went above and beyond what we expected. From the start, they explained the process in terms that were easy to understand. And throughout the process they facilitated our loan application, approval and funding. Our situation created some hiccups, but they were there as a problem solver and made the deal happen in quick fashion. Josh attended our closing even when our realtor did not. When the escrow officer excused herself to make copies, Josh continued the closing, explaining the process the entire time. In addition to his excellent service and knowledge, Josh is an affable guy who always makes you feel comfortable in what, at times, is a stressful process. I would highly recommend FHA Home Loan Group as the mortgage company of choice.
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starstarstarstarstar 5 Out of 5

James Monroe
I wish there were more stars, because Justin with American Southwest deserves all of them! Angelo assisted me with my 5th home purchase, and I can say, without a doubt, that this was the most seamless process yet. He was prompt, professional, friendly, and efficient. I felt confident throughout the process that he was on top of everything, ensuring that I got the best deal possible.
Whether a first time home buyer or an experienced real estate person, FHA Home Loan Group is the right choice. There’s simply no one better than them!
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starstarstarstarstar 5 Out of 5

Kelly Redford
We were referred to FHA Home Loan Group and they referred me to Justin with American Southwest Mortgage, by our realtor. This being our first home buying experience, we wanted to shop around lenders to see what was available. Angelo and his team were very responsive and helpful throughout the process, as well as open to reviewing the other offers we received throughout the process. Angelo was always quick to respond and thoroughly explain the various line item costs and differences between all the quotes we received. At the end of the day, Angelo’s offer couldn’t be beat and his professional and timely service was also major plusses. Angelo was also helpful during the closing to further explain all the nuances that come with purchasing a home. I would definitely recommend him and his team.


FHA Home Loan Reviews